We all want the peace of mind that comes with knowing our affairs are in order. Our expert solicitors help our clients plan for the future by providing advice on Wills, Succession and Estate Planning. In addition, we can help deal with the legalities of winding up a loved one’s estate, including advice on applying for letters of administration, what to do if a loved one died without a Will and advice on contesting a Will.

Wills advice – how can we help you

The wills and probate solicitors’ team at Temple Solicitors appreciate that when it comes to personal wealth planning, tax, trusts and succession your individual concerns are just as important as the technical issues. Our Wills solicitors take time to understand your specific circumstances, family situation and business and financial arrangements.

Probate – how can we help you

Probate – how can we help you

The death of a close family member or friend can put you under a great deal of emotional stress. Dealing with the legal, tax and administrative responsibilities is often the last thing on your mind and can be a daunting task. To add to this you may be unfamiliar with what to do and with certain terms such as Probate and Estate Administration.

Our probate lawyers at Temple Solicitors can help you deal with these responsibilities. Whether you need some advice on what steps to take in dealing with the estate of a loved one or you would like someone to carry out all the relevant services on your behalf – our probate solicitors are here to help.

Disputing an estate and probate litigation – how can we help

Wills and the law of intestacy do not always produce a fair result; reasonable financial provision is not always made for everyone entitled to expect this. We understand that when this happens and you become involved in disputes involving wills or other estate inheritance issues, these matters are often very emotive and sensitive. With this in mind our advice to you is professional, empathetic and sensitive at all times. During the process you can be sure that we will be representing your best interests at all times.

We advise on:

  • Contesting a Will
  • Writing a Will
  • Estate Planning
  • For Financial Planners
  • Letters of Administration
  • Probate
  • Dying Without a Will (Intestate Succession)
  • Wills and Probate Disputes

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