Any dispute can be destructive for your business and for your personal life. Our litigation team is able to assist you in this difficult journey and help you work out the right solution. We will look at alternative approaches to achieve the best outcome for you. Often there is not only a financial interest to protect, but also potentially a client’s future.

Civil cases often go through the procedure of alternative dispute resolution to try and reach a settlement at an early stage of the case to prevent costly court proceedings. This is beneficial to both parties and prevents unnecessary court cases which may involve a great deal of stress and expenses.

Our legal team have experience in representing clients in complicated cases and are confident that you and your interests would be guarded at any stage of your case, whether you are a prospective claimant or a defendant, be it in the pre-hearing stage or adversarial proceedings.

Our litigation services include:

  • Pre-actions claims
  • County Court Claims
  • Commercial /contractual disputes
  • Money claim
  • Money recovery
  • Employment Litigation

Temple Solicitors would also be happy to advice you on a matter involving any other related areas of law.

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